First Vray render and diffuse texture screen shots, still a bit of work to do but coming along, more updates soon.

Iron Man Texture and Render

I decided it was time to put the finishing touches on my high poly Iron Man model. This is the test I did on the head for texturing and rendering in mental ray. It is rendered with a mia material x shader, and diffuse, spec, reflection and normal maps.

Dwarf Axe

Final render of the Dwarf Axe. This is my first time rendering in Zbrush, I rendered several passes and used photoshop to comp.

Zbrush Dwarf Axe

I am currently working on hard surface modeling with Zbursh. My plan is to paint and render multiple passes with Zbrush and comp with Photoshop. The concept art of the axe is from the Warhammer Online art book.