Fight Night Champion & NFL Trainer Trailers

Trailers for the games I worked on at EA.

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Quick Mental Ray Project

This is a photo-realistic product visualization render of my iphone.

Iron Man Clay Render

This is the completed model, posed and ready for texturing. The poly count is 393 374 after smoothing one division.

This is a simple rig I created to pose Iron Man.

Game Prop

Here is a low poly game prop rendered in Maya and textured in Photoshop with diffuse, spec, and normal maps.

Electronic Arts

I have just finished a six month contract with EA Games in Vancouver. I modeled environments for Fight Night Champion on the Xbox 360/PS3 and EA Active: Training Camp for the Wii. For Fight Night Champion I was responsible for modeling, texturing (Diffuse/Spec/Normal), UV unwrapping, scene optimization, and outsource cleanup. For NFL Training Camp I was responsible for modeling, texturing (Diffuse), lighting, and scene optimization.

Iron Man

Marvel just released a tonne of concept art for Iron Man so I am going to give it a shot.

Here is a quick screen shot of the progress on the helmet.

A quick test of the shading network I'm making. The goal is to have two different materials for the red and gold parts of the armor. The red parts of the armor will have a car paint/clear coat look with some flecks in the undercoat, and the gold parts will be a colored metal, no finish and a more brushed metal look. I still have a lot of tweaking to do but the basic shader network is setup.


I modeled and animated with NGrain ( from March 2009 to March 2010 but due to confidentiality agreements I cannot show anything I worked on. This demo shows the type of projects I worked on with NGrain.

Lip Sync

This is part of an animation I did for the

Short lip sync part of an animation I did for the from Dan Dunford on Vimeo.

Turtle Rig Walk Test

A short walk cycle done to test the turtle rig.

Shot walk cycle to test out the tutle rig. from Dan Dunford on Vimeo.

Next Level Games Modeling Test.

Next Level Games Concept art.


Here are the rigs I did for the models on my demo reel.

Demo Reel 2008

This is my graduating demo reel from the Center of Arts and Technology in 2008.

Center for Arts and Technology Demo Reel 2008 from Dan Dunford on Vimeo.